Safe and Secure: Rules for Storage of Firearms at Home

Firearms at HomeYour main responsibility as a firearm owner is to make sure that your guns at home are safely stored and kept unloaded. By following firearm responsibilities and rules for safe storage, you can prevent accidents in the home and motivate other members of the household to do the same.

If you are aiming for responsible gun ownership, you need to acquire firearms trusts and exercise full control and supervision of the weapon. 2A Trusts shares the rules for safe and secure storage of firearms in your home.

Out of Children’s Reach

Home accidents can happen when kids discover firearms that you thought were safely hidden. This is why you need to make sure that they are securely stored out of reach of children. It is best to store guns in a safe, locked cabinet, storage case, or firearm vault.

Store it Carefully

Re-inspect and re-check the firearm carefully to be sure that it is unloaded when you remove it from storage. Accidents can happen when one family member borrows a firearm and returns it to the storage still loaded.

Lock the Firearm

Use a firearm locking device to deter access by children and other unauthorized persons. Keep in mind, however, that a locking device is not designed to withstand forced entry by a person determined to break the lock. Consider it as only one element of safe storage for firearms.

Keep it Unloaded

Always keep your gun unloaded until it is ready to use. This practice will prevent accidents and injuries, particularly if the firearm accidentally falls into the wrong hands. It is always best to store your bullets separately from the firearms.

Educate Kids

As a gun owner, you should instill a mindset of safety in all members of the family, particularly kids. It is also important to explain to them that a real gun, unlike toys or those they see on TV, can injure or kill a person. Teach them to act in a safe and responsible way.

Your decision to keep or maintain a firearm in the home for whatever purpose is a personal matter. Just make sure to keep your home safe by having appropriate training and a clear understanding of storage rules and handling.