Science Dictates When You Should Clean Your Home Carpets

Oriental Persian Carpet TextureHousehold chores have never been fun mostly because of the frequency with which they have to be done. When thinking about cleaning carpets to defrosting your refrigerator, most of us may already get tired by merely thinking of these activities. To spur you from procrastination, the next time you feel lazy, you should consider whether your couch or bed covers are full of bacteria due to you constantly putting off their cleaning.

Cleaning Habits

You diligently vacuum your carpet almost daily, but research has shown that this alone is not enough. Whether you live in Wellington or Auckland, carpet cleaning should be done every six to 12 months preferably by professional cleaners. Using steam to clean your carpets also removes bacteria, which isn’t possible by just vacuuming them.

Interior designer Robin Wilson said that if you seldom clean your floors or drapes, the quality of indoor air can be up to 10 times worse than the outdoors. This can also trigger allergic reactions among members of the household due to the presence of dust and bacteria.

That’s not all; another study claimed that every 2.5 centimetres of your carpet, contains 200,00 bacteria living in it. It’s when you realise this that you realise companies such as A-Jet Service Ltd provide a service that you need, not just a service that you want.

Odour-Free Home

Carpets can also be a source of foul odours inside your home, particularly if you have pets. For those that live with dogs, you should regularly spot clean areas where you often find your pet. Depending on their breed, dog hair can also affect the quality of smell in your house.

You can do this task yourself, but you can choose to have a professional do it on your behalf especially if you worry about ruining your carpets while cleaning them.


It’s always up to us to decide when we should clean our homes, although pay attention if someone in the family often becomes sick. Your household appliances or furniture could be causing their illness.

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