Shopping Smart: Ways to Save Money While Conserving the Environment

Woman checking a food labelWhile having a fully stocked pantry is delightful, grocery shopping can be a nightmare. Amidst the inconvenient long queues, wasteful packaging, and excessive use of plastic containers lie elements that are harmful to the environment. When toxins resulting from our shopping habits are released into the environment, they eventually come back to us when we ingest food exposed to them. Then, the cycle continues.

One way to help save the environment and protect ourselves from toxins is by cutting down on wasteful packaging. Here are four ways you can achieve this.

Choose organic food

It is vital to opt for organic food ingredients to avoid consuming harmful chemicals. Organic food is grown naturally without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and other chemicals that pose health risks to people and the environment. They are, therefore, good for you and the environment.

Shop at the right place

Although barely noticeable, where you shop impacts the environment. If you can, shop near your home to avoid using your car. Exhaust fumes from vehicles contribute to environmental degradation. You can also opt to walk or use a bicycle. If you must drive, find the nearest store to save on gas and conserve the environment.

Buy in bulk

Buying products in bulk saves on wasteful packaging since you buy once large prepacked containers. Some stores allow customers to return reusable containers and bottles for refills, thus minimizing waste from packaging.

Compost and plant

Instead of disposing of organic waste, you can make good use of it. Compost any remains, and use the resulting manure in your garden or flower pots. You could also plant vegetables that do not require much space such as potatoes, onions, and celery.

Caring for the environment requires us to be intentional about it. While some of the undertakings might only seem minute, they eventually add up when done repeatedly. Stay healthy, save money, and protect the environment by implementing the given tips.