Expert Slate RoofingA roof that lasts a long time helps keep the house in good condition. This prevents rainwater, as well as nocturnal creatures such as bats, from going inside the attic. There are many types of roofing materials you can install, such as asphalt, wood, clay, metal, and slate. Of all these choices, slate is the most weather-resistant material for your house. A slate roof can last 50 to 150 years, if the shingles are installed well.

Slate is durable and usually comes with a classy gray appearance. Roofing specialists can maximize its durability through proper installation of gutters and downspouts for better precipitation control. You need to be careful when going to the roof, though, as slate can be sensitive. A heavy step can break down the shingles, which are hard to replace. Look for roofing experts in Queens, New York to guide you in taking care of your slate roof properly. This way, you can make it last as long as possible.

Preserving Your Slate Roof

Slate roofs may last 100 years or more, but their life expectancy can decrease if you don’t maintain them well. Cracked, unstable, or missing tiles should be replaced by an experienced slate roof contractor only. Check out the background of the roofing specialist, and see if they know how to work with slate. Inappropriate repairs are hard to correct and might make a replacement more likely.

Common Repair Mistakes

Not all slate shingles are created equal. Good slate roofing contractors know this for a fact. They must be careful in choosing well-made shingle materials by determining the pyrite content. Setting aside pyrite-rich slate prevents your roof from premature rusting. This way, you can ensure a fine appearance for your roof.

Proper nailing should also be observed during the installation of your slate roof. The nails should fit in the holes of the roof board, instead of extending and rubbing against the overlying shingle. This promotes an airtight condition that prevents water from going through the holes. Check out skilled roofing services in Queens before installing the tiles. Specialists can help you understand the process better and ensure the proper installation of your fine slate roofs.

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