5 Advice to Keep in Mind When Taking the A+ Certification Exam

Female studying for an examinationYou are eyeing an entry-level position in computer technology. That is why you are preparing to take the A+ certification test. We feel you and know your struggles, but remember that you are not alone.

Answering an A+ practice test is a good way to give you an idea of what to expect for the test. On the day of the exam, there are also some useful tips that you need to keep in mind.

Come Early

Make sure to arrive at the venue of the exam around 15 minutes early to give you time to relax. This way, you also prevent last minute stress from setting in.

Be Comfortable with the Exam Interface

If you have doubts about the exam rules or using the testing hardware or software, talk to the exam supervisor. Make sure to ask your questions right after they set up your test machine. The test is timed. You will lose valuable time if you ask questions only after the exam has started.

Manage the Time You Spend on Every Question

Total time allowed for the test is 90 minutes. Set a time limit for you to answer each question. Never lose track of the remaining time. Bear in mind that some questions may need more time to deal with.

Write Down Important Notes before the Exam

Before starting, ask the supervisor for a piece of scratch paper and write down important points that you may need to remember during the exam. This is allowed. Your notes may include the mnemonics, error codes, or the laser printing process.

Avoid Panicking

Remember: Don't panic. The test is not right minus wrong, so don’t leave any question without an answer. If you do not know the correct answer, make an educated guess. This means you eliminate the choices that you are sure are wrong and choose only from the remaining possible answers.

These are only a few tips that have been proven useful when taking the A+ certification exam. Be calm during the exam, and you will get the best results possible.

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