UN Report: Nearly 40% Of World’s Children Can’t Read

According to a recently released report conducted by the U.N education agency, about 250 million of the world’s 650 million school age kids cannot read.

child reading
Image by Tim Pierce

Out-of-school youth

The report found that 130 million are in primary school, but have not accomplished the minimum benchmarks for learning.

Nearly 120 million have spent little or no time in a classroom, including 57 million young kids who are not attending school.

The independent research team calculated that the cost of 250 million children worldwide not learning is around $129 billion every year.

Quality, equal education

“While more children are in school, it’s been at the cost of quality,” UNESCO’s UN representative Vibeke Jensen said at a press conference. “The issue now is to put the focus on quality.”

Researchers noted that ensuring a quality education is the key to increase a country’s gross domestic product.

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