The ABCs of Effective Web Design

The Internet is saturated with information as it is. There are countless websites out there run by businesses trying to make a dent in their respective markets. For every site that thrives online, there are dozens or more that unfortunately fall into obscurity. If you want to avoid the latter, do remember the ABCs of effective web design.


By accentuate, this means that you should know what you want to highlight and how. This does not mean, however, that your website has to be over-the-top for the sake of attracting attention, web design experts in Greeley explain. In fact, such strategy can prove detrimental to your very purpose of improving views since people are normally averse to anything too taxing to the eyes. You can accentuate while staying with the minimalist approach. Accentuated simplicity is nothing short of effective.

Be mobile-friendly.

You do not have to devote a separate website for mobile users. You just have to perfect responsive design. Some of the ways to improve mobile responsiveness are by using high-resolution images and having a viewport meta tag on your design. Lastly, no matter how efficient your mobile site is, do not forget to include a “view desktop version” icon somewhere on the page.


Your main goal in running a website is to communicate what you have to offer in any given market. This starts with you knowing your brand. This knowledge should translate into a web design that knows just what to highlight and what to omit. Improving website communication is also applied to the strategic choice of font size and typeface, as well as in curating images.

These are just the fundamental rules in ensuring an effective website layout. For more specific tips and trade secrets, you may want to consult the help of professionals.