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Many people probably thought that once they’ve graduated from high school or college, they would also be done with embarrassing acne forever, but this isn’t the case for some people. Perhaps you’ve just started to see the first signs of crow’s feet, or you’ve just turned 30 years old, but yet your acne still refuse to go away.

The truth of the matter is, sometimes, acne just lingers on beyond your teenage years, or might start appearing in your adulthood even if you’ve had clear skin all your life. The good news is that while adult acne could be extremely maddening and embarrassing, it could be treated.

Why Some Adults Experience Acne Breakouts

First things first, adult acne comes in two distinct types, persistent acne and late-onset acne. Persistent acne, which is the type that’s most prevalent in women, persists from teenage years and into adulthood.

It’s characterized by painful and deep inflamed pimples or cysts that typically appear on the child, jaw, and around the mouth. Late-onset acne, on the other hand, is acne that suddenly appears following years of clear, pimple-free skin, even in individuals who’ve never have acne issues in their teenage years. Pimples usually appear on the jaw, chin, chest, back, and around the mouth.

Now on to the “Why?” While teenage acne is usually a result of fluctuating hormones during puberty, hormonal issues aren’t the only causes of adult acne. According to a renowned dermatologist in Salt Lake City, though hormonal imbalances during adult events such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, as well as a family history of acne could easily trigger adult acne, other common causes also include the following:

  • Stopping birth control pills or oral contraceptives
  • Oil-based, heavy skin and hair care products
  • Side effects of certain medications such as anticonvulsant medicines, corticosteroids, and progestin-only oral contraceptives
  • Health issues such as issues with the adrenal glands and polycystic ovarian disease
  • Excessive stress. Studies have found that too much stress could cause acne breakouts in adults, especially in women who have high-stress jobs. This is because stress causes your body to generate more androgen hormones, which could, in turn, result in excess production of oil in the skin, hence, acne breakouts.

The Bottom Line

Adult acne can happen to anyone, but particularly in women because of hormonal issues or imbalances, and those that have a strong history of acne in their family. Some will experience it and some won’t. And while it could be immensely difficult to treat, it is treatable with proper treatment and help from an experienced dermatologist.

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