Cool Down Your Fridge: DIY Tips for a Broken Refrigerator

Refrigerator Door Being OpenedFridge problems are not welcome especially during summer. Apart from not being able to get cold water during a hot day, a defective refrigerator may cause food to spoil and unnecessarily raise the electric bill.

Don’t fret, though. There are simple fixes you can implement to keep your fridge running. Until an appliance service company, such as All Pro Appliance Service, Inc., arrives at your doorstep, try these steps on your fridge.

Diagnose the Problem

Check for fridge problems such as the inability to cool or freeze food and drinks, loud noises, the formation of puddles of water, and uneven section cooling. It’s important to find the source of the problem so you can determine whether or not you can fix it by yourself.

Clean the Coil  

Sometimes, the problem of the fridge comes from a dirty coil. Improperly maintained coils can affect the performance of the refrigerator. You can find the refrigerator coils at the back or bottom of the appliance. They are responsible for dispersing heat from inside the refrigerator out to the room with the help of a fan. Thus, it is important to clean the coils regularly. This will make sure your fridge can properly cool its contents.

Check the Fridge for Sweat

A common problem in refrigerators is a sweaty fridge. When you see signs of a sweaty refrigerator, inspect the exterior of the appliance. If the gasket in the refrigerator is faulty and is causing the fridge to sweat, replace it with a new one. This will make sure that the coolness stays inside the fridge.

When all your efforts are ineffective or when you have no idea how to get your fridge working again, turn off the fridge, remove the contents, and wait for professionals to arrive. Once they arrive, give details of the problem so that they know which area they need to repair.

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