The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in Social Media Marketing

More and more businesses have been turning to social media marketing in Singapore to reach their target market. With the many technological advancements readily available to consumers, it’s no wonder businesses and social media giants should expect the trends to keep changing every year. Here are a few of the most common social media trends to see this year:

The popularity of augmented reality

Users can now enjoy augmented reality with just the touch of their fingertips. Although virtual reality has made a huge impact mainly on mobile gaming as of now, you can expect to see social media platforms finding ways to apply this to their systems soon.

Either Instagram or Snapchat, for instance, may soon release filters designed to let its users have a selfie with a celebrity projected on their mobile devices via augmented reality.

Sustained investments in influencers

Several companies who have employed influencers to promote their brand believe it was a success. And this year will not be any different. A growing number of brands will continue to invest in influencer marketing as a means for them to connect with their target consumers.

Mobile-ready web content will be more accessible

As more people tend to turn to their smartphones to do their tasks, the growing demand for mobile-ready web content is even more relentless. Major social media platforms will soon make social video content more mobile-friendly. Brands will also tap social messaging platforms to connect with consumers. Artificial intelligence and chatbots will be a part of the norm.

No matter what type of industry you’re in, you always have to be ahead of the trends at all times. It’s essential to understand how you can use the latest technological advancements to your advantage, thus increasing your revenue even more in the years to come.