The Window Treatment that Comes with Multiple Functions

There are just so many ways to improve your home. However, not all of them can boost both aesthetics and liveability at the same time. Smart homeowners understand that thinking of the bigger picture is the key to cost-efficiency and maximised return on investment for their home improvement projects.

With that said, it is time you take a page out of their book and factor in beauty, functionality, and affordability when planning such an activity. The good news is that you do not have to sacrifice a huge portion of your savings just to achieve these goals.

Auckland Glass Ltd points out the benefits of window glazing, an affordable way to breathe in new life to your windows while improving many of their functional aspects. Here are among the most common questions homeowners — and most likely, you too — have regarding glazing.

What does glazing do?

Their design primarily serves to minimise heat losses and gains that occur in buildings. Their uses become most noticeable during the winter season. They reduce the amount of heat that exits your home through the windows, trapping as much of it as possible indoors.

At the same time, this form of insulation helps prevent the entry of cold from the outside into your home. It works basically the same during the summer season, although what it traps is the conditioned air from your space cooler. It blocks the heat from outside as well.

How else does it help?

Seeing as double glazing basically contributes to the overall insulation of a building, then it means that you can conserve energy. Keep in mind that single glazing still allows around half to two-thirds of heat to exit your windows, so opting for the double version considerably increases your savings.

This is an especially useful protection against significant spikes in your utility bills, particularly with today’s ever-increasing energy costs.