Think before Disposing: Selling Broken Laptops for Cash

girl annoyed at old laptopThe holiday season is the time for buying new laptops and other electronic devices. Many users are discarding their old gadgets to buy the latest on the market. Many are thinking, “It’s time to sell my broken laptop for cash!” Yes, don’t just throw your outdated laptop, because you can recycle it for cash.

Is It Time for a New One?

New laptop models hold great promises of added features and improved power. This is why most users easily replace their current laptops with new ones. The longer you keep your old laptop, the less money you’ll get when you finally decide to sell it. If it doesn’t work properly, you’re better off buying something new. If this is the case, sell your broken laptop for fast cash so you’ll spend less money to buy a new one.

What Devalues the Price of Laptops?

The resale price for your laptop will drop significantly if you don’t include the original packaging, cables, cases, instruction manuals, and cords. Its physical condition is also important in determining the resale value. Deep scratches and a few dents decrease its value, so it’s important to maintain the appearance if you’re planning to sell it later on.

What are the Rewards for Selling Laptops?

Don’t bother selling your laptop at pawn shops; you won’t get a good deal from them. A few companies gladly take old electronics off your hands and give cash based on the condition of your laptop. If your unit is in bad shape and cash isn’t an option, some companies will still help you recycle it.

Some companies offer free recycling programs that ensure your laptop won’t go to landfills. For mobile devices, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) maintains a list of providers that have take back and donation programs. Recycling your broken laptop for cash and replacing it with a new one is the most cost-effective way to stay eco-friendly and up to date with the rapid pace of technology.