Three Common Motorcycle Accidents You Should Be Aware of

Safety is paramount on the road. You need to wear your helmet at all times if you drive a motorcycle. You should also wear protective pads for additional protection. But of course, accidents are unavoidable and come unexpectedly. Treating your bruises, cuts and road rash may be financially demanding. This is where lawyers come in. William R. Rawlings & Associates has a team of lawyers in Utah who could help you get proper compensation for your motorcycle injury.

Compensation also depends on the damage. Lawyers could also take action to investigate the accident on your behalf or your family to determine who’s liable. How an accident occurs may be different for all, but there are certain degrees and similarities that you should be aware of, namely:

Rear-end collisions

In most cases, these collisions occur when the car driver was following the vehicle too closely- tailgating. Motorcycles are light especially when compared to other automobiles and so should they need to; the motorcycle driver can stop quickly. This means that a few seconds can make a difference if a car was too close, resulting in a rear-end collision.

Left-turn collisions

Parking lots and intersections present an altogether different challenge when talking about motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are harder to see in traffic, and sometimes drivers forget to check before taking left turns. Collisions from either side of a motorcyclist could result in fatal damage or wounds. This is especially devastating if the motorcycle was speeding.

Sideswipe accidents

A sideswipe accident happens when a driver suddenly changes lanes without checking for incoming traffic and collides with another vehicle in the process. A motorist should always check their side-view and rear mirrors before making sudden turns. Whenever possible, drivers and motorist as well should avoid sharing a lane’s width with a motorcycle to prevent accidents.

Drivers of large vehicles often act entitled while on the road. It pays to remember that motorcycles use the road as well. In case of an accident, lawyers help to determine violations and compensations for you. They also help you to hold your insurance company accountable in case of the collision.