Top 6 Benefits of Reading to Young Children

parents and children readingAs a parent, you’re probably aware that reading to your child is a great thing, but do you know exactly why? If you’re not yet in the habit of reading to your child, here are some compelling benefits why you should start right now:

Better Language Skills

According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children who are used to being read to from infancy, toddlerhood, or preschool have improved language skills and interest in reading.

A Stronger Bond with You

A closer relationship with your child is crucial not only for their cognitive development, but for their emotional and social development as well. Likewise, rather than looking at reading as a task or chore, it would be a nurturing activity that would make your bond with your child stronger.

Essential Speech Skills

During toddler years and preschool, your child should be learning crucial enunciation and speech skills. KidsTown, LLC and other experienced preschool educators say that pretend reading is an important pre-literacy activity.

Improved Communication Skills

When you read a book to your child, they witness different interactions between the book's characters and notices how you interact with them. This will teach your child essential communication skills.

Enhanced Logical Thinking

When you read to your child, you’re also teaching them to understand abstract concepts, cause and effect, the application of logic in different situations, and how to use sound judgment.

Discipline, Concentration and Listening Skills

Small children might initially become distracted and squirm when you’re reading to them, but they would eventually learn to concentrate and listen to you.

Put simply, books are powerful tools that could benefit your child in many different ways. As a responsible parent, reading books to your children is among the greatest things you could do to help prepare them for school and life in general.

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