Trying Out Acupuncture for the First Time? 3 Things You Can Expect

AcupunctureWhether you believe in holistic medicine or not, acupuncture has gained popularity around the world, especially in Western countries. If it’s your first time to book an acupuncture appointment, here are some of things you can expect during your first visit:

The process is not painful

When you look at photos of how acupuncture is done, you might find yourself getting apprehensive because of all the thin but relatively large needles entering your skin. This is perhaps one of the biggest fears people have when they hear the word acupuncture. But you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t hurt that much, if not at all.

The sensation is like getting some tiny hair plucked out. It’s not even close to getting your brows waxed because the hair texture is not the same.

Be prepared to answer a lot of health-related questions

Similar to how a new doctor asks you questions, your therapist will ask you a lot of questions about your health-related complaints and overall health. Be prepared to answer questions about past and current medications you might be taking, health history, digestive problems, sexual function, sleeping patterns, and even emotional health. If you have a long list of health-related concerns, it might help to prepare it prior to your appointment.

Be prepared to react…differently

ActiveMed Integrative Health Center explains that people who have had acupuncture react differently to the treatment. Some people feel like laughing or crying after the treatment, but not because of the pain, which is not part of acupuncture. That is because of the emotional intensity they experience.

Letting your emotions flow is part of the process and people have different emotional expressions. Some even tend to fall asleep or experience dreaming. These are all natural and your doctor will guide you through it.

If it’s your first time to try acupuncture, it's important to note that you need to go to your appointment with an open mind. You don’t need to embrace it fully, but don’t bring the negative thoughts with you or hold onto them. Let the holistic treatment take its course.