Unbreakable: Top 3 Reasons Glass is Currently the Best Balustrading Material

Glass Balustrades

Through the years, wood has been the most preferred balustrading material for interior parts of traditional houses. When it comes to outdoor decks, though, concrete balustrades compete with wooden ones as the most popular option. But these days, a new balustrading material steals the spotlight, and that is glass.

Auckland Glass Ltd notes that you have three options when it comes to glass balustrades. Fully and partially framed balustrades are ideal for those who find frameless glass balustrades a risky choice. Whichever option you pick, you are going to gain the following benefits from having glass balustrades.


Out of all the materials used for balustrading, glass is undoubtedly the thinnest of all. Its thickness doesn’t even go beyond one inch. This makes it the most space-saving balustrading material out there.

Wood and concrete balustrades tend to feature intricate designs which might be too much for minimalist homes. Unlike those two, glass balustrades lack sophisticated designs which make them ideal for such homes. Their see-through nature also creates the illusion that there are no barriers in the room.

Ease of Maintenance

One of the best things about glass balustrades is the minimal maintenance they need. It only takes a few minutes to clean them. You can even just do it once or twice a month.

Their maintenance is also cheaper than the maintenance for concrete and wood balustrades. You don’t have to repaint them like you would do for concrete balustrades. All you need is a cloth and mild detergent to clean glass balustrades. If you want to simplify the maintenance further, you can apply a wax coating which boosts the glass balustrades’ resistance against scratches and stains.

Futuristic Look

Glass is often associated with technological advancements. Take a look at your smartphone. You might be more familiar with the LCD screen, but this part has glass.

Remember those superhero and futuristic movies as well. The buildings where the main characters usually convene feature a lot of parts made from glass and metal. These materials are common in laboratory equipment as well.

There is no doubt that glass has a futuristic look. This extends to glass balustrades, too. To complement it, you might also want to place metallic furniture and accents in your house.

Right now, the only thing you need to do is decide between framed and frameless glass balustrade. You can ask help from your chosen contractor to know more about the advantages of each type of glass balustrade. Glass balustrades may be the most expensive, but they offer benefits that other balustrades don’t have.