Uncontested Divorce: A More Peaceful Path

Lawyer discussing a document to a coupleDivorce is a painful process. Not just for the couple involved, but most especially for the child (if there are any). While the journey itself can be complicated, divorce is not always about two people fighting about custody, who gets the car, and who gets to keep the house. Believe it or not, if a couple chooses to divorce peacefully, they can.

This relatively “peaceful” divorce is known as uncontested divorce. The overall process of uncontested divorce in Utah varies from that of New York, but the general framework of the process is similar.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a kind of divorce where the presence of a judge is not needed for two parties to come to an agreement. This is because the couple has figured things out and is able to settle things by themselves.

An uncontested divorce is usually opted by a couple who do not have kids because it is easier to agree with a lot of things. However, there are also couples who have kids who choose this path because it is less traumatic for the children.

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one of the quickest ways to dissolve one’s marriage. This means you can be happily single within weeks or months. As court appearances are not necessary, as well as hiring divorce attorneys, the whole process will cost lesser than contested ones.

On a more emotional side, couples who take the path of uncontested divorce usually have a few hard feelings towards each other. The absence of lawyers in settling such issues allows couples to communicate more openly with each other, leading to a more peaceful and private settlement. This is one of the reasons couples with children try their best to go through this path to protect their children from emotional damage.

Uncontested divorce might or might not work for you, but choosing a path that incurs lesser damage to the parties involved is always possible.