Understanding the Categories of Dental Stains

Teeth are among the most important parts of your body. Perhaps they are the first thing that people will look at when they meet you, and most people judge your oral hygiene based on the color of your teeth. That said, before making your appointment for teeth whitening treatment in Markham Ontario, you must learn the different types of teeth stains.

• Extrinsic Stains

These are the most common types of stains that most people complain about. They affect the enamel or the outermost layer of your tooth. Enamel is responsible for protecting and aiding the functions of the inner contents of your teeth. The stains mostly result from red wine, curry, berries, tea, coffee, soda, smoking and some types of sauces. The colors of these items are absorbed into the enamel; therefore, staining the teeth.

• Intrinsic Stains

These stains affect the inner part of a tooth, also known as the dentin. It consists of a layer of tissues that are naturally darker than the enamel. As the enamel continuous to wear off, the underlying dark color becomes clearer. Intrinsic stains can result from physical trauma, anti psychotic drugs, high blood pressure drugs, and antihistamines.

• Age-related Staining

A series of body changes occur as the years go by. One of these changes is the color of your teeth. As the enamel thins out and your dentin darkens, your teeth get the illusion of discoloration. This stage of teeth discoloration is unavoidable. Contact your dentist to see what you can do to minimize the impact.

While teeth stains aren’t always caused by poor oral hygiene, it’s important to visit a dentist regularly. This will ensure that you get regular dental cleaning to help in the reduction or prevention of teeth stains.