Unique Ideas for Designing Name Badges

Planning an event requires many things, and one of those could be creating name badges for your guests. These are essential for any large organisation to make sure that all guests feel welcome.

Handing out name badges for your NZ event does not guarantee that your guests will wear them. Some name badges can be so bland and boring that most guests would rather not use them. Here are some excellent ideas that will make your event’s name badges stand out.

Choose Wood

One way to make your organisation’s name badges stand out is by going for material or design which has not been used.  Ditch paper and metal badges for unique wooden ones. The personalisation these badges offer, and their eco-sustainability make them the best material and event souvenir. You can pair these with bamboo lanyards to complete the look.

Include QR Codes

There is no better way to market your company as tech-savvy than by incorporating QR codes into your name tags. These codes negate the need to ask for people’s numbers when networking during events. People can instead upload their contacts automatically into other phones by simply sharing the QR code.

Get Magnetic Badges

The pins and stickers typical of most name badges are inconvenient and at times leave holes and stains on people’s clothes. You can choose magnetic name badges which leave no marks on your guests’ clothes and have no risk of falling off. With magnetic badges, your guests will not fear any discolouration.

Incorporating the above ideas into your name badges is sure to make them unique. The badges will set your company apart and leave a lasting impression. You can be sure no guest will throw away your unique name badge after the event. Your organisation hence stands to benefit from such promotional material.