Unique Ways to Announce a New Addition to the Family

A pregnant woman

A pregnant womanWhen couples find out they are expecting, it is often a joyous time. It is not uncommon to want to share your good fortune with everyone. However, the way people announce the pregnancy is no longer by simply stating as much. People now look for unique and creative ways to announce that they are expecting a baby. If you are looking for unique ways to announce your pregnancy, the tips below should help you out.

Plan a Fun Photo Shoot

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can announce your pregnancy using a photo shoot. You can capture the moment using either one photo or a series of photos. For instance, you can set up a scene with a table filled with foods before you.

The more food featured in the photo, the better so you can let everyone know you will be “Eating for Two!” An SLC Photography studio like JayLynn Studios can assist you in setting up just the right photo shoot to get your message across.

Use Creative Props

You can announce to friends and family that you are pregnant using creative props. For instance, food makes a wonderful prop. One woman announced to her family that she was pregnant by placing a hamburger bun in the oven.

When her family opened the oven and asked, “Why is there a bun in the oven” they realized exactly what was going on. To their delight and joy, they were gaining yet another member of the family.

Make a Game of It

One creative way to announce a pregnancy is to make a game of it. Create a game that allows you to announce your pregnancy in a fun, exciting, and unique way. For instance, you could opt to play a game of charades.

Gather your family around and ask them to guess the phrase. Act everything out piece by piece to see who understands the phrase. Make sure to watch the excitement cross everybody’s face once they figure it out.

Announce with Pets

If you have any pets in your home, use them to create a unique pregnancy announcement. Dogs and cats are unaware of the situation, but you can still use them to make some hilarious and adorable announcements.

Make sure to use props. For instance, you can hang a lightweight chalkboard sign around your dog’s neck. Keep in mind, a sign works better for larger dogs. It is said that Labrador’s are the most cooperative for this.

With the ideas above, you will surely be able to create some of the most unique pregnancy announcements possible to share with your friends and family.

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