Utah Adds Almost 40,000 Jobs in August

EmployeesThe number of available jobs in Utah continued to grow at a steady pace, as eight out of 10 industries added almost 40,000 jobs in August. This is equivalent to a 2.8% increase year over year, according to a Department of Workforce Services report.

The state’s unemployment rate also remained low at 3.5%, which represented a slight increase compared to the last few months, said Carrie Mayne, chief economist at the Department of Workforce Services.

Industry Growth

As much as 54,600 people have actively sought work in August. While this is higher than the newly created jobs, the state’s unemployment rate still falls below the national level of 4.4% in July. Job applicants had higher chances of being hired in the professional and business services sector, which added 10,300 new jobs.

Employees in the trade, transportation, and utilities sector increased by 6,500, while those working in education and healthcare rose by 6,100. If you are interested in working as an auto mechanic or hair stylist, you should consider enrolling in an automotive training facility or a barber school in Utah. Jobs in other services, which may include vocational work, rose 3.5% in August.

Employment Outlook

The state’s employment market growth slightly grew smaller than the previous year, yet it would continue to create new jobs at a steady pace. As housing and rental property markets continue to grow, the construction sector is expected to employ more people. The industry grew at the fastest rate in August with a 6.2% increase in job opportunities.

Recovery from natural disasters in other states may affect Utah’s potential job market growth; although the state’s stable economy may still support job creation in the future.

Job applicants should remain positive in finding work in Utah, especially since the state created thousands of new jobs. Additional skills can also improve your chances of landing a job.

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