Ways to Improve Your SAT Score

Are you creating a shortlist of schools you want to enter after high school? If so, you have to score high on the SAT to improve your chance of entering the colleges or universities atop your list. Doing well, allows you to choose and get into the program of your choice.

Instructors from online classes for high schoolers cite the following ways you can boost your SAT score.

Practice Tests

After you’ve chosen a schedule, take as many practice exams as possible. This allows you to prepare for the actual test; the timing it takes to go through questions, the multiple choice answers, the potential writing and reading comprehension questions and others. This allows you to set a particular score in mind and how’d you fare.

Use the Process of Elimination

You don’t have to read the entire passage or complete your equation when taking the test. You can eliminate answers halfway or 75% through. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to spend more of it on tougher questions as you move through the test. If you think you have the answer already, choose it and move on.

Skip and Return to Difficult Questions

Avoid wasting time trying to solve a difficult problem; you can always skip it and return to it later once you finish the test or have figured out an answer. A general rule of thumb is if you take more than a minute trying to figure out a question, go to the next one.

Get a Tutor

A tutor allows you to identify the mistakes you frequently make and correct them. They’ll also be able to improve your weaknesses and strengths. They can boost your confidence and help you set goals for the test.

These are some of the ways that enable you to add points to your SAT score. The higher the total, the likelier you are to get into the college or university you want.