Web Design Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

The internet is the most popular resource not only for businesses but also for customers searching for products and services. However, companies are still making poor choices when designing their websites, which prevent them from enjoying the full benefits of websites. Minnesota based web design expert, Sievers Creative, shares some common mistakes web designers make and how to avoid them.

Inappropriate use of footers, headers, and sidebars

Business owners and managers assume that footers, sidebars, and headers are only used in the advertisement. You can use these areas in better ways than before to enhance navigation within the website. In fact, companies make a mistake of having several banners on websites and ads, yet it has little content. It is crucial for businesses to understand the importance of website designs and know how to create a balance between web content and its displays.

Failure to use responsive design

The other common web design mistake that businesses make is overlooking the essence of responsive design. Research reveals that close to 45 percent of searches these days are conducted on tablets smartphones. Therefore, having a site that properly displays on these gadgets is essential.

Making important information hard to find

The other common mistake is making it hard for web visitors to access core information. It is paramount to have links to directions, shipping details, and FAQs among other things on your homepage. Additionally, you can place the search bar in the header of your website because it is a crucial tool for every site.

Not paying attention to analytics

Finally, most businesses are assuming the importance of analytics on their sites. You should set up your site’s analytics with the help of website design in Minnesota. Also, you should use analytics tools once they have been installed to analyze the performance of your website.

Most websites have poor navigation, weak content, and countless errors because site developers are committing these mistakes. One of the ways to increase traffic to your website is by avoiding these mistakes. A professional web design company will come in handy to develop and update your website for better engagement.