Web Design Practises to Gain an Advantage

Your website needs to constantly evolve to match the changes in the online marketing landscape and to keep up with rivals. Using certain practices allow you to adapt and give you a competitive edge. Experts from web design companies throughout Canada, from Ottawa to Vancouver, have their own ideas on what works best. Here are some basic techniques to keep in mind:

Faster Load Times

Nobody wants to wait too long for a page to load, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Reduce loading times to gain an advantage. To achieve this, make selective additions and delete other features that slow down your site. This can come in the form of fewer images, videos or animations, and a cleaner layout that directs visitors to actions you’d like them to take.

Enable Monitoring

A results-driven approach enables you to get ahead of the competition in your niche. Set up your site to track important factors that may affect search rankings; some of these metrics include clicks, converted visitors, subscriptions to newsletters or emails, bounce rate and pages visited. Google Analytics is your friend; integrate it into your site to monitor the indicators you need.

Tell a Story with Data

Numbers and research on your website improve the possibility of a conversion. Visitors want evidence that your claims are true and validated. However, simply inserting data isn’t enough; it may even bore someone visiting your site. Weave a story around the facts and figures to capture the attention and imagination of the reader. Doing so provides a ‘big picture’ of what you are selling and who you are as a brand.

Rise of Mobile

More and more people are using their mobile devices to do almost everything online; from searching for a nearby restaurant to online shopping. Making your site mobile-friendly, attractive and responsive allows you to tap into a wider market.

Web design is increasingly complex and minimalistic. To gain a competitive advantage you need to balance the two practices to become more competitive within your niche, convert at a higher rate and reach a bigger audience. Many websites use similar tactics, it’s time to move ahead of the crowd.