Western Party Ideas for Your Kids

If your kid has an upcoming birthday party or any anticipated celebration, you might be wondering of a way to make the event memorable. If you want to have a cowboy-themed part, Western supplier A.A. Callister explains that straw cowboy hats for kids are a sure way to get into the western spirit.

Explore fun western outfits

For your party, explore western costumes (vests, boots, feather headdresses), so the children can role play and do the activities while having fun. Children could also learn about the West and have fun doing all the activities during the party.

Different Western headwear for kids come in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can also have them use toy lassos, vests, neckerchiefs, and cowboy boots to complete their outfits.

Western activities

Organize games with a Western theme. First, you can have rodeo ride for the kids. Use see-saws, kid’s bicycles, wagons and other riding toys to give them the “rodeo” experience.

You could also have a candy mining activity. Hide brightly colored toy blocks with other stone-colored blocks and toys in an inflatable balloon pool. Give the children paper bags and toy shovels to “mine” the “gold” for a fun gold rush game!

Prepare the right food

Give your guests food they’ll love: sweet corn, pretzels shapes like pieces of eight, barbecue hot dogs, cup cakes, and corn cakes. You could also serve potato chips, tacos, burritos, and cookies shaped like cowboy hats and boots.

Give your guests party favors as well. Prepare a bag of gold-colored candy and licorice lassoes to make their Western adventure completely delicious.

If you want to have a fun-filled Western theme party for your kids, do these things and give them food fit for cowboys and cowgirls. Surprising your kid with a Western-themed party could be the best way to celebrate their special day.