What Does Colorado Law Say About Child Support Payments?

Couples who were married in Colorado need to find out their combined annual gross salaries after calculating how much should go for child support payments outside of their marriage.

Spouses who are responsible for payments should consult with a child support attorney in Colorado Springs or Denver first. As Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne noted, this is for them to have a better understanding of the state law.

Payment Formula

Based on the state’s certain formula, a couple who earns up to $75,000 of combined annual gross salaries may be eligible for a temporary alimony deal. Before that happens, a court will deduct either the spouse’s alimony or child support payments from previous partners. If this were their first divorce, the spouse with a lower income would receive 40% of their partner’s monthly gross salary after subtracting the lower-earning spouse’s 50% of their own monthly income.

For instance, if you earn $4,000 per month and your spouse earns $2,000, then you would need to pay $600 for spousal support every month. More women will particularly need the help of a family lawyer, as there are more mothers who pay child support.

Female Breadwinners

An increasing number of mothers now pay child support due to a shift in household roles. More women are now the breadwinners of their family, with four out of 10 families in the U.S. having females as the sole financial provider.

A poll by the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed that 54% of surveyed divorce lawyers noticed more women who paid child support in the last three years, while 45% of the respondents said that there were also more who paid alimony during the same period.

The law isn’t always clear on how divorce settlements should cover child support, simply because each case has different complications. However, you should carefully choose your lawyer since legal counsel would be your best chance of closing a favorable deal on payments.