When It’s Time for You to Get a Child Custody Lawyer

While slowly recovering from a nasty divorce or split with your former partner and getting your life back together again, you notice that your ex is starting to act strangely. There is a possibility that he or she is going to try to prove in court that you’re unfit to have your children over, even for weekend stays.

When you start hearing terms like “custody” and “unfit parent” from your former lover, it may be best to start looking around for help. If you live in Denver, you can quickly get the services of child custody or child support lawyers here in Colorado Springs.

Splitting is never a positive occasion for both parties. It may get ugly with numerous allegations thrown against each other. These bitter back-and-forth arguments will fuel resentment that encourages each party to get in an offensive mode regarding custodial rights.

Your ex may soon attempt to deny your visits to your children and other ways to limit your contact with them. Here’s what you can do.

Have presence of mind

Under certain circumstances, you can readily expect your ex to have hired or go through the process of searching for legal representation before the family courts.

Money, of course, is an issue. If you’re short on cash and couldn’t afford an expert lawyer, don’t take second thoughts in searching for free legal aid. After all, you wouldn’t want to be at a grave disadvantage of having no representation while your ex’s lawyer argues before the court claiming that you’re a misfit.

It’s worse if your ex is a total misfit and still had the nerve to turn the tables against you. Losing your child custody case becomes unacceptable when you believe your kids’ welfare and safety are on the line.

However, the judge would not know whom to believe and will have no idea who is telling the truth. This is why you should prepare the things you’ll need to build a strong case.

Gather evidence

Make sure you prepare a list of people who can testify in court about your fitness to be a parent.

You should also start collecting tangible items that you can offer in court as evidence. Show the judge pictures, videos, letters, school documents, etc. to prove that you have a great relationship with your kids.

Make sure to store them in a safe place – and that means it should be in someone else’s home and not yours. If you keep these items in your house, your ex may find out about those and attempt to steal them.

Custody cases can drag for a very long time. So make sure to be patient and coordinate with your lawyer.

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