Where To Vacation Among US National Parks

There are holiday destinations for all sorts of travelers, but even those looking for outdoors activities often miss the wonderful variety offered by national parks. Rather than going to commercialized holiday destinations that offer nothing new, National Geographic describes in “Best National Park Adventures for Kids” some national parks that are hidden treasures.

The Home Of Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most well-known national parks in the United States, but many people only know it for being the home of Old Faithful. Yellowstone has much more to offer than geysers, though; the park is giant, spanning three states and consisting of more than two million acres. It has a petrified forest, waterfalls, and abundance of wild animals, including wolves and bison. Its mountainous terrain and vast area will appeal to explorers of all ages and will ensure that you visit that park again and again.

Where To Visit Volcanoes

Visitors to Hawai’i may be looking forward to a relaxing vacation in a pleasant climate and beautiful area, but the islands also have many attractions for those who appreciate the outdoors. For one thing, the islands provide the rare opportunity to witness and get close to active volcanoes. The Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park allows visitors to view magma pouring into the sea, and holds a host of information about the earth’s activity that is sure to fascinate. When it comes to spending your vacation among beautiful and unique outdoors locations, you can’t do better than these.