Will Your Diamond Jewelry Outlive You?

Diamond ForeverDiamonds are forever; you hear this often enough that it becomes true. But much like ill-fated relationships, diamonds don’t last ‘til the end of time.

The Hardest Natural Substance

The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. This is true, but the hardest natural substance on earth isn’t immune to degradation. It can, over time and in certain conditions, deteriorate to graphite – the mineral you’ll find in pencils. A diamond degrades to graphite at high temperature.

Because the hardest natural substance in the world is also made of carbon, it will burn just like coal. Apart from high temperatures, poor handling can also affect the valuable gem.

Dirt from the oil in your fingers can take away a diamond’s brilliance. When it loses its sparkle, your diamond jewelry can lose its appeal. Over time and with enough damage, its value also goes down.

Diamond Love

It’s important to maintain the value of your diamond jewelry because it can help you with future financial problems, such as emergency repairs at home. When you retain the brilliance and value of your diamonds, you can use it as collateral to get a substantial loan. A diamond loan service would serve you better than if you were to pawn your diamonds. A loan gives you better terms, which will allow you to reclaim the precious jewelry.

But how do you take care of your diamonds? First, handle your precious jewelry with care. Second, clean it with a degreasing solution, and gently scrub away dirt with soft, clean toothbrush. And third, store your diamond jewelry in individual, fabric-lined packages. You can also wrap your diamonds in soft tissue paper.

Precious jewelry needs proper care. Even the hardest substance on earth needs thoughtful maintenance. When you look after your diamond jewelry, it may just outlive you.

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